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What Makes a Sandwich: Revisited

Back in April 2011, I wrote a post about what makes a sandwich just right; The bread or the filling?  In that post, I also talked about some of my favourite sandwiches.  A toasted meatloaf sandwich and the “Dagwood Stag & Doe” sandwich.

Recently I saw that Dempsters was asking a similar question to people.  They even have a very funny video that compares making a sandwich to a home renovation project!  Check it out:

As a guy that has worked in and around the home renovation business for years, I love the way they tied it into a home renovation show and the toolbox of sandwich toppings is awesome!  I think that fridge makers should be taking note.  Wouldn’t that look great in a sandwich shop?

Given my love of cooking and the fact that I had been on this road before, the #DIYSandwich contest seemed like the perfect opportunity to share another one of my favourite sandwiches (or at least a variation of it)!  One of my favourite meals is Thanksgiving or Christmas and a turkey dinner.  The sandwiches made of leftovers rock!!

Here is what I started with:

Dempsters Flax Bread, Tangy Dill Pickles, Mayo, Mustard, Turkey and Swiss Cheese

Dempsters Flax Bread, Tangy Dill Pickles, Mayo, Mustard, Turkey and Swiss Cheese

I have used every type of bread to make this sandwich.  The key is that it is soft, fresh bread without a heavy crust.  You want the crunch to be the pickles in the sandwich and not the crust, in my opinion.

Normally, the turkey would be roast turkey leftovers, but I didn’t have any.  Deli turkey does just as well for this sandwich, trust me!  Usually I skip margarine and spread mayo on one slice of bread and mustard on the other.  It makes it a little healthier (one less fat) and still gets everything put together nicely.

The “leftover” version of this sandwich would also include a small spoonful of stuffing and a drizzle of gravy inside.  I’m waiting for Christmas to have another one of those.  I decided to change it up this weekend, since the gravy and stuffing were missing and added a few strips of turkey bacon.  Surprisingly, the bacon added a nice flavour and some more of that ever important “crunch”.  Here’s a peak at the finished product:

The #DIYSandwich contest challenges people to make their best sandwich and share it with Dempsters via their social networks.  In return there is the chance to win weekly $500 prizes and a grand prize valued at $4,000.  If you want to enter, you have to act quick.  The contest ends at 11:59pm ET November 6, 2013.  If you decide to enter, good luck!