Year End and a New Beginning…to Be a Better Me…

Time to get this blog caught up!!  I seem to have taken a break for about…seven months.  Not on purpose, things just happened.  What happened? Well, my mom passed away, a good friend passed away, I took a vacation to New York City, played summer slo-pitch, enjoyed the warm weather and basically took a break from blogging.  I apologize.

That said, I also took a break from my fitness efforts.  That is going to change.  It is the start of the most “dangerous” month on the calendar, December.  The month where there are endless parties, trays of cookies, baking and goodies.  Chocolate seems to fall from the sky!!  I am determined that I am going to get myself back to the gym and committed to a regular workout schedule.

New shoes, gear and a book on running!! Awesome!!

I have to thank my friends at SportChek for helping motivate me.  They heard about my Couch to 5K efforts and wanted to inspire me to continue my journey to better fitness and good health.  They were kind enough to send over an “Inspiration Kit” to help motivate me to get back to the gym, as part of their #MyBetterMVP initiative.  I can hardly wait to get back in the gym and give my new Nike Free Run 3 runners a try.  They feel awesome on my feet!!

How could presents in this paper not inspire you!?!

The good news for you is that they want to help inspire you too!! I will be talking about my adventure back to the gym over the next few weeks and I will also have some stuff for you to “win” to help inspire you to, “Be a Better You”!!  Keep your eyes open for an upcoming post which will have all the details, just in time for Christmas!!

3 responses to “Year End and a New Beginning…to Be a Better Me…

  1. Sounds awesome! Best of luck!

  2. Sounds great! Best of luck!

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