Couch to 5K – Week #6

Another week in the books!!  This week was a little tough but once again, I am amazed at how this program builds your ability and if you challenge yourself you can push the limits of what you thought was possible.  During week #1 of the program, I can remember waiting for the timer on the treadmill to hit 60 seconds so I could take a walking break.  That same 60 seconds falls away easily now!!

This week was a strange week for the breakdown of workouts.  After finishing week #5 with a 20 minute jog, the first two days of week #6 went back to intervals.  This was fine with me since I mentally didn’t believe that I could make the longer jogging intervals, successfully!!  I worked through Day #1, which had two 5 minute intervals and an 8 minute interval and Day #2, which was two 10 minute jogging intervals.  Each time I was happy when the jogging ended and was sure that was the limit of my ability.

That was not the case!! Day #3 was a 22 minute jogging interval, with no walking (beyond a warm up and cool down).  I wanted to throw my arms in the air and celebrate when I saw the treadmill hit the end of the 22nd minute and the voice on the app said, “Begin your cooldown, now”!!  I didn’t but I did feel like it!! 😉

I still don’t have the speed that the app suggests.  Their goal is to complete 2.25 miles in 22 minutes.  I managed to complete almost 1.5 miles in that time.  I have looked at the workouts for the coming weeks and there are no more walking intervals in the workouts; They are all straight 20+ minute runs until week #9, Day #1 – which is when I will have officially completed the program!! 😉

I can’t decide if I should stick with the time suggested for each workout at the moment and start running to achieve the distance goals once I get to week #9.  The other option is to use week #7 & #8 to run to the suggested distances and not worry about timing.  I think that I am going to stick to the times suggested until I have the program complete.  It just makes life easier with respect to the app and how it works.  Once that is done, then I can build on the distance I finish with at 30 minutes of jogging.

Has anyone else used this app??  What did you do as you got to the end of the program??  Did you run for distance or time until you finished the program??  As always, I welcome your thoughts and I appreciate all the messages of support I have received.  It has kept me motivated and moving towards completing this program!! 🙂

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