Couch to 5K – Week #5

Another week of progress!! All three runs this week went well and every time I finished a run, I was shocked at what I had accomplished!! If you had told me when I started this program or even last week, that after just over a month of training, I would actually jog for 20 minutes, continually, I would have called you crazy. Well, it happened!!

I am constantly impressed by how well the Couch to 5K app builds you up to the next day and the next stage. This week was a step-by-step build up to the 20 minute jog. I was surprised when I got to this week, because it was the first time that each day was not the same. Each day in week #5 had a different run/jog combination.

Day # 1 was alternating intervals of 5 minutes of jogging and 3 minutes of walking. That went well and built right off of the runs that I did last week. Day #2 was another new adventure, two 8 minute jogging intervals separated by a 5 minute walk. That led straight to Day #3, which as a full 20 minute jog.

I am still sitting here amazed that I did it!! It was tough and around 10 minutes, I thought I was going to have to take a walking break. I decided to challenge myself and push on to at least 15 minutes of jogging. Once I made that I decided I would push myself until I felt too tired to continue and would take a 1-2 minute walking break at the point. Then a strange thing happened…I started to feel stronger. I even managed to pick up some speed in the last-minute of my jog!!

My distance is not as long as the app suggests, but the timing of the intervals has gone successfully.  I still only get to around 2 miles for my total workout (including a warm-up and cooldown). I decided a few weeks ago that I was going to focus on, “going slower, to get faster”, and so far that has worked. Going slower has helped with the shin splints and getting through each interval with success.  I am not going to change that now. Once I get to 3 miles, I will work on increasing my speed. My goal at this point is complete the race, not reach a personal best time, the first time out.  Then again, that will be my personal best, I guess, since it will be my first race!!  Better speeds and times will come as I get more miles under my belt, I know!!

I think there are two more weeks to finish the program that the C25K app sets out and then I will hopefully be running a full 5K, at that point.  I encourage you to keep me updated with your thoughts, comments or questions, if you would like.  They are most welcome and do wonders to keep me motivated!!  I will update you in a week when, week #6 is, “in the books”!!

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