BlackBerry…why should I stay?

I have to start by saying that I used to love my BlackBerry.

I like that it is made by a Canadian company. I like that it has a “real” keyboard. That said, I have had multiple reasons lately to question my loyalty to the company that got me past the cell phone time of my life to where I am now.

I started with a BlackBerry Pearl, because I didn’t want my smartphone to look like a “device”. I wanted to try a BlackBerry but maintain the size and style of a regular cell phone.  It worked…until it died suddenly, after only 2 years of service. I upgraded to my current Bold 9700 in February of 2010 and as it turns out, I liked the full keyboard, the operating system and the web browser a lot more. That was until recently.

The truth of the matter is that I am tired of seeing apps that exist for iPhone and Android, but not for BlackBerry. I love using my Boingo service and they recently launched a new app. Not for BlackBerry. Companies have more apps for iPhone and Android than Blackberry, based on what I have seen when visiting company websites and reviewing magazine advertising. Why is this? As a supporter and fan of things that are mobile, access and availability are key issues for me. When I have less of either on the device I am using, I have to question if I have made the right choice.

The reason I would like to test an Android is to see, in real-time, how the device would function in my hands; the way that I use my phone. The reason I say this is that it would have been great if I could have taken OS 6 for the BlackBerry for a “test drive” before I installed it. I did that recently and I basically have been rebuilding my phone for a week. All the usual “stock” sounds are now gone, so I have been resetting all my profiles on the phone. I have been tackling a reduced battery life for some unexplainable reason. I lost almost half of the free memory on my phone just by completing the upgrade. I am really questioning why I should continue to punish myself like this!? I guess this is why changing devices makes me nervous. Is the grass really greener? Should I continue to dance with the devil I know?

I am excited for the launch of BBM at the end of April for the iPhone and Android. That may be the straw that sees me move to a new device. A bigger screen, better integration with my computer at home and more apps. What have I got to lose?  If the launch does happen and the functionality is there then I may be off to the races with an alternate handset as soon as the shackles of my current contract are released.

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  1. Chris, a couple of things I have to say after reading this:

    1) BBM is NOT coming to Android and iPhone at the end of the month. It IS coming to Android some time soon that is definite. When/if it is coming to the iPhone is up in the air. The rumor was circulated at the end of March that BBm was coming to iPhone April 26th and that rumor was something that RIM quickly quashed.

    2) I totally and completely get how you feel in regard to all the apps that are coming out for Android & iPhone while BlackBerry is being, seemingly, ignored. It is a major problem that RIM will have to address IMHO or risk losing a lot of customers who aren’t Enterprise.

    3) Old ringtones from OS 5 – why didn’t you just ask? I will BBM you a link to them shortly 😉 They won’t appear in your list of ringtones but all you’ll have to do is click “All Alerts” at the bottom of the list and you’ll be good to go.

    4) Battery issue in OS 6 – do you use Social Feeds? If not uninstall it, I assume you do not use it as I know you’re an UberSocial user and DO NOT use Twitter for BlackBerry – – I personally found the Social Feeds pretty useless and uninstalled it.

    5) Going back to OS 5 – no worries we can make that happen too my friend if that’s what you prefer.

    • Thanks Dan for the advice on uninstalling Social Feeds. I was wondering what was sucking up all the juice!

      • I can DM you those ringtones if you’d like too. All you need to do is click the download link and it’ll install them to your BB – its a direct link from RIM/BlackBerry’s servers.

        You also might wanna play with your screen brightness settings and turn it all the way down.

        Also, check your antenna – is it set for 2G & 3G? If you can set it for 3G only…if you’re ever in a place with no 3G you can always switch it back but right now its just wasting battery looking for 2G every few minutes.

        Oh, and if you’re a Bell/Telus customer (or one of their subsidiary brands) using a phone that uses SIM cards like the Bold 9700, Bold 9780, Curve 3G 9300, or Torch 9800 then unless you’re out of Canada you’re phone is never going to go onto 2G anyway so DEFINITELY take it off 2G & 3G.

  2. Dan – Thanks for the the informed reply and comment! I missed the retraction on BBM for iPhone. This post was in the works for a little bit. I just put the finishing touches on it tonight. I have opened the Social Feeds app, but haven’t tried it. I will likely uninstall it.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

  3. I should say that I’ve had a BlackBerry for over 4 years. Quite a while with the old 950 model on the Mobitex network years ago and 2 years with the 8800 and 2 years with the 9000.

    BlackBerry has always been an Enterprise smartphone. Plain and simple.
    Developers know that too. With many new apps being developed, it isn’t a big surprise that the BlackBerry is being left out as a platform.

    And that’s the reason I made the switch to an iPhone4 back in September 2010. I couldn’t be happier. I still have all my Enterprise abilities with the iPhone4, although a few things are missing, but the pros certainly outweigh the cons.

    If you’re missing out on the “new cool apps” that are being developed, it is time to ditch the BlackBerry.

    Having said all that, I’ve never used an Android before.

  4. I am making a switch from a regular cell phone to a smartphone with data plan and have been considering my options. Blackberry was going to be my choice until I found out about the lack of apps. Having used my Ipod Touch for the last few months, an Iphone makes sense as it works the same way and I’m already used to the functionality. I am considering Android but don’t know anyone who uses those apps. I’m looking at blog posts like this for information and research. The comments from others were very helpful. Thank you.

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