A San Francisco Experience – Day 2

After my first day in San Francisco, I wasn’t sure what Day 2 (Friday July 30) would bring along. I knew that I was staying across the street from one of my favourite places in town, The Ferry Building, and that my stay would not be complete without a stop there each day!

I took the opportunity in the morning to wander over to the building and see what it had to offer. It was just coming to life when I got there and it was 9am! Given the location downtown, I equated it to the food court areas in Toronto which are hopping by 7am due to commuter traffic! There were people sitting on the floor sketching the building interior, there were loads of people stopping at the few places that were open for coffee and the smell of food from all the restaurants and bakeries was starting to fill the air.

After a coffee I headed for a tour at AT&T Park, to learn about the San Francisco Giants, their history and their stadium. We saw a lot of unique views in the ballpark (pressbox, dugout). If you are a fan of baseball or if you are just looking for something to do while in San Francisco, go and visit this ballpark. It is a beautiful location to see a ballgame or simply enjoy the San Francisco atmosphere.

Next up I took the opportunity to stop in at Klout and say “Hello” to some of the people I had met during their event in Toronto. It was a pleasure to talk about the merging of promotions and the people on Twitter (influencers as they are called on Klout).

My next stop was back at the Ferry Building, which was now hopping with activity for lunch! Some form of seafood was in order in my opinion! A delicious Seared Opah sandwich with Chimichuri was my selection, from the San Francisco Fish Market, and it was delicious! More coffee from Peets Coffee and I was set to face the afternoon!

The evening was filled with a baseball game that was certainly entertaining. The LA Dodgers were in town and it was “Beat LA” weekend at the ballpark! The fans were charged up and the stadium was full of electricity. The Giants won (they actually swept the three game series on the weekend) and everyone went home happy!

The evening did end with a display of some of the “underbelly” of San Francisco showing its ugly head. One of the people I met at the game actually stayed past the unpublished departure time at their parking lot and had to pay a cash “overtime” charge to the owner of the parking lot to get their keys back. They had no choice. As the note on their car said, “If you want your car back, call XXX-XXX-XXXX”. Lesson learned – Don’t park where you need to leave keys.

I met some fantastic people in all of my travels on Saturday. It was a fantastic day and it made the trip worth it. The lucky thing for me was that I still had 2 more days to go!

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  1. I love how you write! I’m new to the far west coast of Canada – aka Victoria, BC – and I am bound and determined to visit San Francisco in the next year. I totally appreciate your observations on the place! Thank you. I’ll continue reading … Kathy

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